Costochondritis is a medical condition in which junctions of the upper ribs joining cartilage are inflamed. This sort of condition is painful and causes severe pain the areas of chest and sensitivity that you can replicate by pushing on the involved cartilage in the front of the rib cage. Costochondritis is not too chronic and is quite harmless in mild cases. It only causes chest pain which stays for a while and then goes on its own. In severe cases it can lead to longer pain sessions and difficulty breathing. This medical ailment is quite common in females rather than males. Costochondritis is usually identified as heart disease because it involves pain in the arm as well as shoulders in extreme cases. In cases where swelling in the painful area occur doctors diagnose it as Tietze syndrome a condition in which the enflamed area of the inflamed cartilage may be tender to the touch, and the skin spread over the surface the cartilage gets reddened.
• Tenderness when pressing costochondral junction
• Chest pain
• Sharp, itchy pain usually on your front chest wall
• Back or belly pain in cases when it radiates to the back of the abdomen
• Severe pain in fourth, fifth, and sixth ribs.
• Difficulty in breathing
• Anxiety due to chest pain
• Inflammation accompanied with redness, swelling or pus discharge
There is no definite cause identified for the occurrence of Costochondritis. Though there are some very vital details which trigger this condition. Usually Costochondritis is caused by:
• Frequent minor trauma to the chest wall or viral respiratory
• Bacterial infections
• Infectious diseases
• Viral respiratory infections
• Inflammation of costochondral Bacterial
• Bacterial infections after surgery
• Fungal infections
• Arthritis (Certain forms can cause it)
• Sternum pain
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